Rowdy (L) & Governor (R) graduates from Puppy Kindergarten

Group Training

Group training classes are available at  in Springfield, VA.   Class sizes are limited to only 4 dogs.  Unlike some large classes, you and your dog will receive a lot of one on one hands-on work.  The benefit is individual attention and problem solving that may not be available with larger groups.  Have a group within your neighborhood?  Great!   Contact me and we can discuss a training class customized for your needs!

Training is for 6 consecutive weeks with each session lasting one hour.  Price is $180.   

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN: For puppies of all breeds less than 6 months of age.

This class is the perfect first step for raising a well-rounded, happy puppy with basic socialization skills.  During this course you will learn basic manners as well as information and guidance to get you through the puppy issues of mouthing, housebreaking, and jumping.   Each session will end with puppy socialization and playtime.

BASIC MANNERS: For dogs of all breeds and ages over 6 months.

You and your dog will have fun learning the basic behaviors while building confidence.  Using positive reinforcement, the following skills plus more will be taught:  Focus, sit, stay, down, settle, come, and loose leash walking.  In addition, you will learn how to correctly manage jumping, greeting, meeting new people, and introduction to new places with unfamiliar stimuli.