Don’t have time to commit to 6 consecutive weeks?  Do you have special situations that you want to address in your home?  Are you looking to solve behavioral issues  that need to be addressed in your home?  Do you want training that is customized to suit your individual needs?

If you answered YES, to any of the questions above, then Private Training sessions are best for you.   Training takes place in your home.  Each session is approximately 60.   Prior to  the first session a one time in person  consultation/evaluation is required. The price for this is $95.  The purpose of the evaluation/consultation is to see your dog and you interact, discuss your specific training needs, work with your dog to determine his/her "trainability factor",  motivation, and  discuss your training goals.   If you decide you want to move forward, a customized training plan designed specifically for you will be created and agreed upon.  The goal is to provide you with  the training that suits your needs and your dog.  Once that is agreed upon the price per session is listed below.

Pricing is based on the number of sessions purchased.   They can be used as needed to fit your schedule.  Trainings must be completed within 6 months from date of the first session.  


One session = $95 per session

2-4 sessions = $90 per session

4+ sessions = $85 per session

Incremental time above 60 minutes will be billed at the rate of $25/15 minutes